Future Ubud

Ubud, they say it’s the famous small town strong in traditional culture with its sacred historical place and strong community in Bali. Jl. Monkey Forest is the main street of Ubud where most of the local people, as well as tourists, spend their time and activities. Historically, the main street served not only as through passage but also as a ceremonial path they use occasionally. Thus, it makes the busiest street during the day where all various public attractions are taken place.

Therefore, the new transformation and modern life demand easy access to this area. By creating a transformation of its current closed state into an open area that will be attractive to pedestrians, the main street will become an area easily reached by car and entered by foot in Ubud. Proposing a car-park merged with the soccer field and reduces the amount of traffic which occurs every day. The idea is to curve the edge of each corner and elevate two corners diagonally to provide access to the basement. The platform above the ground is accessible for bicycles and motorbikes where they can park on the deck while enjoying the view towards the town and/or the soccer field.

Site Plan