Rising up the issue of being just at the edge of the city where it is not close yet not too far. ‘Sense of place’ is a fundamental value to people in Fitzroy, Melbourne – Australia. The objective is to get the building to shape people’s experience by exploring the idea of popping out and being seen. The form itself following the contours in which it is pulled out towards the river.

First of all, the existing ground terrain that connects to the riverside makes the main view of the river. Secondly, to reach out a platform to capture the different views of the passers-by. Lastly, to interactively connect the building levels vertically by skylights.

The plan follows the form of the building where it is developed to increase individual and community awareness, understanding as well as participation in design.

Diagram – Elevations

Below is a series photograph of models to study before the definitive outline is finalised.

Series of Model Making

Photo montage from the main street looking towards the city through the Specific-i-t-y cantilevered studio.

The basement plan of the building is designed for an open gallery, theatre and other services. The theatre has a magnificent view looking towards the river and a back street which slopes down from the main street and connected with the main building’s garden.

B1 Plan

The ground floor plan is designed for public services such as the cafeteria, information desk, multi-function hallway towards the cantilevered studio, and the connection to the theatre.

GF Plan

The rooftop of the art extension building has a unique feature where visitors have a 360 degrees view of the surrounding area of the neighborhood.

Roof Plan
East Elevation